Friday, October 21, 2005

The Story

Oh my oh my. Everywhere I go, my friends, family, strangers, they all say Arrested Development wha? Arrested Development who? It's so unfortunate that (many) people for an unexplicable reason haven't "breathing in" seen "sweaty tention" ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! "wimper". So now I have no other choice but to inform all of you who haven't seen this classic show in the making, so here I go!
Season one story: George Bluth Senior was arrested for embezzelling money from his company The Bluth Development company. Taking place as presidente is the senior's most responsible son, Micheal. Now later on in the story George Senior is having a time of his life in prison. While Micheal is having trouble juggling the failing company. The crappy model home he was forced to live with his son George Micheal (having loss his mom a while back). And to top that his sister Lindsey with her psycologist turned actor Tobias with their daughter Maebe having moved in. Which his son has a crush on. Micheal is also trying to survive life with his wine jugging mother Lucille. And his 30 something younger brother Buster that still lives with Lucille and acts like a total child. And also his older brother G.O.B. who was a stripper turned magician who just wants attention.
Whew..ookk later on in the story we find Micheal finding out that his father was making houses in Iraq. Also a crazy ass ex employee "Kitty" who was also George Senior's lover threating to show secret documents. But then later thought was blown up in a boat which she wasn't. And then finally George Senior was taken to a hospital in a "supposed" critical condition, but really wasn't and escaped to Mexico. Micheal can't taking it anymore decided to move to Arizona.
Season 2 story: Well Micheal didn't move away. But he did find out his son had a girlfriend named Ann an ultra religious girl who isn't very pretty. Which his father (hiding it inside) don't approve. But later on in the story Lidnsey and Tobias decided to take a "break" from marrige finding other people to date (both unsucessful). Maebe found her way as a movie producer lieing about her age. Now also Lucille made her son Buster join the army, which the army dischared him because before he went to war he went to the ocean to swim (not the brightest guy in the world) but then a seal came up and ate one of his hand. Now real later in the season Micheal kept his father George Senior (whos Micheal's son George Micheal found Senior digging a tunnel to the model home from Mexico where he was taken prisoner.) in the attic to hide him so Senior could check on his wife is she still loves him. Lucille found a new lover George Senior's twin brother Oscar (a total drug head). Buster found out that his real father was Oscar. Lucille angry at Oscar for telling buster (which he really didn't) was kicked out. But uh to rap up the good parts everyone found out Senior was living up in the attic. G.O.B. drugged his father to put him in jail until he found out his brother Micheal didn't listen to his music cd so he just put his father under the house tieing him to the pipes. But then Micheal was put into jail. But G.O.B. got back to his senses and gone back to the model home to find Maebe and George Micheal accidentaly kissing, half of the house broken because of falty pipes and his father escaped. Micheal got out of jail with bail (I think)and gone to court to give up his father with G.O.B. but G.O.B. saying father escaped ended up in a brawl. At the same area Lindsey angry that her husben is out with Kitty came to knock the crap out of her but was the one who got knocked out with one punch by Kitty. And then her finding out that Tobias and Kitty are going to Reno together so Tobias can take a role as a blueman. Then the brawl bettwen Micheal and G.O.B. was stopped by George Senior who said he would turn in himself alone. But really he just took his twin brother Oscar, shaved his head, put him on the same clothes, to set him up and George Senior to once again escape. As a blue taking Tobia's role in Reno.Whew
Season 3: season not done yet.

Now this is a sloppy and brief summary of season one and two. Many things could be inaccurate, misspelled, and others. To know more about the characters go check out my character bio section which may or may not be in this blog right at this moment. Please forgive me if this summary is confusing (no ones perfect)...